June 2014

Situated along the route of the Great Silk Road, Armenia has fallen within the orbit of a number of cultural influences and empires.

One of the earliest Christian civilisations, its first churches were founded in the fourth century. In later centuries, it frequently changed between Byzantine, Persian, Mongol or Turkish control, as well as periods of independence.

Echiadzin Arch
Cross Stones Memorial
Sunday Mass
Column Decoration
Zvartnots Ruins
Traditional Dance
Yerevan Cascade
Arch over Ararat
Symphony in Stone
Hellenistic Temple
Cross Stone
Cave Chapel
Prayer Hankies
Genocide Memorial
Mother Armenia
Alphabet Park 1
Alphabet Park 2
Amerd Fort Church
Matenadaran Library
Khor Virap and Ararat
Grave Cross Stones
Noravank Monastery 1
Noravank Monastery 2
Mountain Pass
Underground Caravanseri
Caravanseri Entrance
Haghpat Monastery 1
Haghpat Monastery 2