Eastern Turkey

May 2013

Most visitors to Turkey stay in the West, visiting Istanbul, Ismir, the South-West on the Mediterranean coast around Antalya or sometimes exploring Cappadocia. Very few people explore further East.

But with amazing palaces, bustling bazaars, archaeological sites that have rewritten the book on human settlement and stunning views of Mount Ararat or from the top of Nemrut Dagi there's lots to see.

Blue Mosque
Galata Tower
Shrimp and Sprats
Basilica Cistern
Peacock-Eyed Column
Medusa Inverted
Rays of Heaven
The Church of Saint Sophia
Cliff Edge Monastery
Watching Their Friends
Rock Church
Damaged Frescoes
Seljuk Carving
View Across Erzurum
Bridge and Mountains
The Cathedral of Ani
Church of St Gregory
Duck Wrangler
Dining Hall
Mosque and Mountains
Ishak Pasha Palace
Mount Ararat
Palace in the Mist
Carpet Weaving
Çavuştepe Hut
Ancient Code
Self Taught
Hosap Castle
Decorated Door
Church of the Cross
Church Carvings
Church, Lake and Mountain
Stormy Waters
Parked Carts
Balancing Act
Cliff-top Hideaway
Storm over the Tigris
Saffron Monastery
Downtown Mardin
Ornate Doorway
Rainbow Over Syria
Night in Mesopotamia
Carved Pillars 1
Gobleki Tepe
Prayer Tree
Carved Pillars 2
The Pool of Sacred Fish
Beehive Houses
Head of the House
Inside the Beehive
University Ruins
Ataturk Dam
Pillar and Eagle
Tumulus View
Fields of Green
Nemrut Valley
In the Night Garden
Bridge Inscription
Cendere Bridge
Mithras Relief
Arsameia Inscription
Antiochos & Hercules
Nemrut Kids
View from the top
Eastern Terrace
Western Terrace
Fading Light
Three Heads
Walking Back Down
Mosaic Museum 1
Statue and Shadow
Mosaic Museum 2
Tomato Seller