March 2005

Egypt - land of the Pharaohs and pyramids. Hot, dusty and mysterious! Egypt was somewhere I'd wanted to go for a long time and I finally managed to get there over Easter 2005.

I started my trip in Cairo and slowly travelled to the South by train and boat to Abu Simbel. Strangely, the pyramids at Giza for all their size and majesty were probably the least exciting things I saw as they contain very little external decoration. Other temples - Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo - contained great hieroglyphics and even some original colour.

Giza Plateau
Sphinx & Pyramid
Feluccas at Dusk
Temple Entrance
Painted Pillars
Gateway Roof
Rams at Karnak
Heiroglyphs 1
Hatshetsup Temple
Old and New
Dawn on the Nile
Edfu Pylon
Heiroglyphs 3
Heiroglyphs 3
Abu Simbel 1
Abu Simbel 2
Luxor Temple at Night
Luxor Pharaoh