October 2010

"Why go there? Isn't it dangerous?" was pretty much all I heard in response to telling people I was off to Iran. Whilst the west today has a bit of a confrontational relationship with Iran, it is in fact quite safe and the people are some of the friendliest and most hospitable I've ever met!

In addition, the history of the region (it is ancient Persia after all) is quite amazing and with 2,500 year old cities such as Persepolis, and the beautiful garden city of Esfahan to see, its definitely worth visiting and I can highly recommend it.

Old City Gate
The Pool Room
Patterned Walls
Blue Dome
Eat Everything or No Dessert!
Meat Sellers
Nuts o Hazlenuts
The Village Kids
The Girls
The Boys
The Family
In the moutains
Giant Haystacks
Shiraz Shine
Hall of Mirrors
Roof Tower
Fruit and Nut
Arch Decoration
Mosque Courtyard
Tiled Arches
Winter Prayer Hall
Pavillion Gardens
Pavillion Decoration I
Pavillion Decoration II
Dead Poets Society I
Shopping Spree
Xerxes Gateway
Double Eagle Column Head
Bull Decoration
Column Reliefs
Shading the King
Wall Relief I
Wall Relief II
King and Griffin
Carved Doorway
Doorways and Tomb
Tomb of Darius I
Sassanian Reliefs
Rock Tombs
Dead Poets Society II
Seeking Answers
Cyrus's Final Resting Place
Floral Offerings
View from the Road
Ice Ice Baby
Baby on the Bike
The Tower of Silence
Zoroastrian Graves
Eternal Flame
Wind Towers
Wind Tower & Woman
Covered Alley I
Covered Alley II
Mud Brick Castle
Inside an Ice House
Coloured Glazes
Sponging on the Glaze
Emptying the Kiln
Ruined Caravanserai
Bridge on the River Zayandeh
Meeting under the bridge
Riverside Park
Weightlifting Shields
Wooden Dumbell Shouler Rolls
Khaju Bridge
Palace Frescoes I
Palace Frescoes II
View from the Palace
Dome Design
Below the Dome
Supporting Curves
The Ladies Mosque
Water Pipe
Family and Fountains
Inquisitive Girls
A View from the Terrace
Prayer Stones
A Ray of Light
40 Columns
20 Columns
More Bazaar
Palace Gardens
Reflections I
Reflections II
Waiting with Friends
Ancient Village
Apple Dealer
Little Old Lady