December 2007

In a scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade they ride down a narrow gorge and discover a huge temple carved into a rock face. This isn't some fancy Hollywood CGI, but Petra, a UNESCO heritage site in Jordan.

But there's more to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan than the ancient city of Petra. In the South lies the vast nature reserve of Wadi Rum. A huge desert dotted with wind carved sandstone rocks towering almost 6,000ft. Whilst in the North you can discover Jerash, one of the the most complete Roman city ruins outside Italy. Of course there's also the Dead Sea - the lowest point on the earth and with water so salty you can float effortlessly.

The desert before us
Remains of the last tour?
Midnight at the Oasis
Camp #1
Nabatean carvings
Bedouin Corner Cafe
Hiking through the hills
And the sands continue (1)
And the sands continue (2)
Camp #2
The bedroom
Camels at dawn
Bedouin and Camels
Desert Railroad
First glimpse of the Treasury
Treasury revealed
Carved from the cliffs
City in the mountains
Climbing to camp
Camp #3
Mountain trek
Me, high in the hills
Starbucks, Jordan Style
First view of the Monastery
Monastery revealed
Cave with a view
Descent into Petra
Bedouin Woman
Petra street
Hill of holes
More carved facades
Palace Tomb
Camp Kitchen
Wadi Al-Mujib
View of the promised land
Mt Nebo Mosaic (1)
Mt Nebo Mosaic (2)
Church at Mt Nebo
Madaba mosaic
Gateway to Jerash
Collanaded Street
Column decoration
Ancient doorway
Still standing
Stairway to the temple
Temple columns
Tea anyone?
Anyone know Latin?
The city of Jerash
The Dead Sea