Playing with Dad

16 August 2011

After thinking we weren't going to see any more lions on our very last day, about 45 minutes before the sunset, we saw a commotion and large number of vehicles up one particular road. When we drove up to investigate we discovered a large pride of lions - two large males, two females and around eight cubs.

A few hours after this I did a night game drive and came back to this spot to find the two males lying in the road letting loose an amazing roar every now and then.

Funnily, during the day when the lions aren't hunting and you can see everything we were encased in a big safari truck. But on the night game drive when they are hunting we were just in a low open-sided jeep. Quite nerve-wracking to sit there and watch a huge lion just a few metres away from you!

Focal Length:400mm
Exposure:1/1000 sec
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