March 2019

Sudan, a country with more pyramids than Egypt but which few people travel to. The country is full of amazingly well-preserved sandstone temples, tombs engraved with images of the pharaohs and pyramids, including the stunning Royal Necropolis of Meroe. At times this trip felt like you were a Victorian era explorer, cresting a dune to find a temple complex in-front of you and feeling like you were the first to discover it!

Confluence at Al-Morgan
Tombs & Temples
Victory Walk
The Melik
The Mahdi's Tomb
Inside Mahdi's Tomb
Local Girls
Road to Nowhere
Middle of Nowhere
Wild Campsite
Wild Camp Sunrise
Sea of Sand
Old Dongola Cemetary
The Throne Hall
Granite Columns
Desert Boulders
Sunrise at Soleb
Soleb Temple
Soleb Hieroglyphics 1
Soleb Hieroglyphics 2
Soleb Hieroglyphics 3
Temple of Sesibi
Third Cataract
Kitcheners Railway
Desert Sunset
King Taharqa
Farmers Fields
West Defuffa
City Ruins
The Black Pharaohs
Jebel Barkal
Column Ruins
Birthing Chamber 1
Birthing Chamber 2
Jebel Pyramids 1
Jebel Pyramids 2
Local Caretaker
Napata Tomb 1
Napata Tomb 2
Petrified Forest
On Top of Jebel Barkal
Nuri Ruins
Father and Sons
Nuri Pyramids
Desert Home
Desert Oasis
Desert Well 1
Desert Well 2
Desert Well 3
Old Ferry
Nile View
Crossing the Nile
Royal Necropolis
Meroe Pyramids
Dunes & Pyramids 1
Dunes & Pyramids 2
Pyramid & Entrance Temple
Temple Carvings
Pyramid Ruins 1
Pyramid Ruins 2
Royal City
Necropolis Sunset
Kiosk and Temple
Old Graffiti
Winged Sun
Temple View
Ram Lined Entrance
Ram Detail
Carved Stones
Temple Ruins
Column Hieroglyphs
Lion Temple
Elephant Temple
Young Practioner
Leopard Print Cloak
Old Pracitioner
Whirling Dervish
Khartoum Cathedral