Prague Revisited

This was my second time in Prague in what is now Czechia. I was last there in 2008 and the difference was stark. Despite both times being over the summer, this one early summer, last time late summer, visitor numbers seemed far higher this time. The main old square (containing the famous Astronomical Clock) and the ever popular Charles Bridge were heaving with tourists. If you were in the square on the hour when the clock chimed and the apostles appeared, good luck, the crowds were so dense you wouldn't be moving…

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Algeria, a North African gem bordering the vast Sahara Desert and sparkling Mediterranean Sea, boasts a rich history waiting to be explored. From ancient Berber kingdoms and Roman influence to the vibrant era of Islamic dynasties, Algeria's past is etched in its architecture, traditions, and breath-taking landscapes. In May 2024 I visited, exploring the coastal cities or Algiers and Oran, visiting magnificent Roman ruins near the "City of Bridges" Constantine, and spending some in the oasis towns deep in the Sahara desert. On this trip I also took a new gadget -…

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Algeria Diary

A Bumpy Start, a Smooth Landing in Algiers The excitement of our Algerian adventure was almost derailed before it began! A cancelled flight from London meant a frantic scramble, rebooking for the following day. But a day of unplanned exploration in London turned out to be a delightful bonus. Finally, we touched down in Algiers, our hotel perched high above the bay offering a stunning reward after a rocky start to the trip. Timelapse of Sunrise over the Bay of Algiers Djémila: Roman Grandeur, Local Delights, and Scenic Drives Our journey…

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As a benefit of my credit card I got two return flights within Europe so decided to head to Budapest for a long weekend as I've never been to Hungary. The city, sat on the Danube, is split into two - Buda on the westerns side of the river and Pest on the Eastern side. There's loads to see and do and some great restaurants as well. And although it was a little hot to just walk around when we were there, Budapest has a great public transport infrastructure of Trams, Buses…

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Northern Pakistan

In 2023 I travelled to Pakistan. The day before I was due to leave I was a little nervous as the ex-PM had just been arrested there and all sorts of violent protests were kicking off and the police had blocked many roads, including in Islamabad where I was flying in to. However things had died down a little by the time I arrived although the 40 minute drive from the airport to the hotel took more than 2 hours due to roads still being blocked! We primarily explored Northern Pakistan, initially…

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Pakistan Diary

Lost in Translation: My Adventure Through Pakistan's Unexpected Wonders Islamabad greeted me with a whirlwind of anxieties. News of a recently arrested ex-Prime Minister and subsequent riots had me rethinking my entire trip. But hey, adventure awaits! Day 1: A Chaotic Arrival My journey began with a flight transfer in Abu Dhabi. Terminal 3 was a bit of a warren but thankfully I had plenty of time to find the right gate. Finally touching down in Islamabad at 3 am, the real adventure commenced. An American woman on the flight, worried about…

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