As a benefit of my credit card I got two return flights within Europe so decided to head to Budapest for a long weekend as I've never been to Hungary. The city, sat on the Danube, is split into two - Buda on the westerns side of the river and Pest on the Eastern side. There's loads to see and do and some great restaurants as well. And although it was a little hot to just walk around when we were there, Budapest has a great public transport infrastructure of Trams, Buses…

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Northern Pakistan

In 2023 I travelled to Pakistan. The day before I was due to leave I was a little nervous as the ex-PM had just been arrested there and all sorts of violent protests were kicking off and the police had blocked many roads, including in Islamabad where I was flying in to. However things had died down a little by the time I arrived although the 40 minute drive from the airport to the hotel took more than 2 hours due to roads still being blocked! We primarily explored Northern Pakistan, initially…

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Pakistan Diary

Day 1 - Dublin to Islamabad The night before leaving I saw a news article on the BBC website about the arrest of the ex-PM in Pakistan, Imran Khan, and the subsequent rioting that had kicked off. So heading for my early morning flight I was understandably a little anxious! My flight was from Dublin to Abu Dhabi and then onwards to Islamabad. The flights themselves weren't too bad but Abu Dhabi Terminal 3 seemed a bit of a warren and it took quite a while to find and then get to…

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Mauritius & Reunion
Mauritius is almsot entirely surrounded by a reef with waves breaking far offshore. This cove is on of the few breaks where waves reach the shore.

Mauritius & Reunion

I got married in October 2022 and my partner and I travelled to Mauritius and then Reunion for our Honeymoon. I didn't take many photos as it was mainly a relaxing, chill by the beach type of holiday. However we did explore the southern part of Mauritius and take a helicopter flight over the cirques and volcano in Reunion.

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The Balkans
Light streams into the Osogovo Monastery from a high window illuminating the frescoes

The Balkans

On returning from Uzbekistan I realised I had a load of leave to use before the end of June otherwise I'd lose it. So after a quick search of places to go I opted for a trip to the Balkans - mainly North Macedonia with a small bit of Bulgaria and Kosovo through in for good measure. It was a tough trip in many respects with a lot of driving and single night stays in each location, but the landscape and many UNESCO sites were interesting to see. However it was frustrating…

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Balkans Diary

Day 1 After a 3 hour flight from London we arrived in a warm, but very wet, Sofia. It didn't help that the mini bus to the hotel leaked with water dripping from the roof on to several seats. However we eventually arrived at our hotel, the Sofia Palace, damp but looking forward to what the next few days had in store Quickly freshening up it was back out and a short walk to a local restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner and our first chance to sample the local food. Whilst…

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