Algeria Diary

A Bumpy Start, a Smooth Landing in Algiers The excitement of our Algerian adventure was almost derailed before it began! A cancelled flight from London meant a frantic scramble, rebooking for the following day. But a day of unplanned exploration in London turned out to be a delightful bonus. Finally, we touched down in Algiers, our hotel perched high above the bay offering a stunning reward after a rocky start to the trip. Timelapse of Sunrise over the Bay of Algiers Djémila: Roman Grandeur, Local Delights, and Scenic Drives Our journey…

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Pakistan Diary

Lost in Translation: My Adventure Through Pakistan's Unexpected Wonders Islamabad greeted me with a whirlwind of anxieties. News of a recently arrested ex-Prime Minister and subsequent riots had me rethinking my entire trip. But hey, adventure awaits! Day 1: A Chaotic Arrival My journey began with a flight transfer in Abu Dhabi. Terminal 3 was a bit of a warren but thankfully I had plenty of time to find the right gate. Finally touching down in Islamabad at 3 am, the real adventure commenced. An American woman on the flight, worried about…

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Balkans Diary

My Balkan Odyssey: From Leaky Minibuses to Beekeeping Adventures Sofia greeted us with a warm embrace...and a rather damp one, thanks to a leaky minibus roof. But hey, a little rain couldn't dampen my spirits for this Balkan adventure! History, frescoes, and food – my travel trifecta – awaited. Day 1: A Foodie's First Impressions After drying off at the Sofia Palace, we dove headfirst into the local cuisine. Vegetarians, rejoice! There were plenty of options, and cheese lovers would be in paradise as everything seemed to come with it. Braving the…

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Uzbekistan Diary
The view over the old part of Khiva from the watch tower on the city walls.

Uzbekistan Diary

Uzbek Odyssey: A Land of Ancient Cities and Silk Road Secrets Uzbekistan, a land steeped in history and exotic allure, had been on my bucket list for years. Finally, in April 2022, after countless covid lockdown delays, I found myself on a plane bound for Tashkent, the capital city. Uzbekistan Airline’s slogan is "Good luck!" I wasn’t sure if this was a wish of benevolence, or a cryptic warning? Monuments and the Metro Landing at 3:30am, bleary-eyed but brimming with excitement, we navigated customs and baggage claim. After a brief two-hour nap…

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